Saturday, January 26, 2013

A dream...

photo found at All Poetry.

sitting in a cafe
me and best friend
we talk
about all the silly every day things
two girls can talk about
over a hot cup of words
stirring them around, between our lips
about one thousand ways to say
the one thing we can't 
i turn my eyes
at the table on my left 
you are there looking at me, waving 
your hand shines like the neck of a swan
and i wonder why
my heart jumps
my friend, she notices nothing
keeps talking and talking
but i dont hear a sound
because you are there
then i take my glass of water
that is half full
and i come to you
my feet almost touching the ground
i say i didnt see you, been here long?
You say yes, and then you get up
ready to go, mumbling
i still hold that glass in my hand smiling
and then
suddenly i realise you are so tall
almost a giant to the small me
and you bend 
i freeze
and you press your cheek on mine
and you stay there
as if you don't wan't to leave
and i pray you stay like that forever
i feel your touch
and your warmth makes me shiver
inside my glass, grows a white lily
your skin on mine pressing
and i am happy so happy.... 

and then i open my eyes
its 4:25 am here
and the 4 corners of my room are full of you
but the dream disolves in fumes of solitude
and i can't keep it 
cause it slips through my lips 
that are smiling

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