Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where does it end?...

Sanctuary in solitude, found at Wallpaper Metalship http://goo.gl/bvGrr
Where does it end?
Where love ends?
The question with no answer
fights its way out of my mouth
but some how
words seem to disolve 
 black birds fly over my white paper
i open my lips to ask 
i often ask my shadow
in the middle of the night
or walking down the street 
looking at the faces of people
who walk holding hands,
and  love each other 
~ or at least they think they do...

Where does it start?

is it just a chemical reaction 
that our bodies ignite 
in order to say yes to the great plan of God
"Be fruitful and multiply..." 
and for that inevitable order
writen in our swirling dna
we go on believing 
that it starts there?
                                               in that bloody organ that it is called a Heart?

When i see you and my face 
lights up like a beacon into the frozen night, 
when i hear your voice in my ears
and for a minuscule fracture of a second
i have a vision 
- in a field 
in Spring
you and me lay gently
our backs over the green grass
the soft breeze comes from the mountain
you hold my hand
so small and warm inside your palm
we are watching cotton clouds roll by
trying to find their funny shapes
we laugh
you turn and kiss my neck softly
right there, right then, i am happy and complete -
when i feel you crawling under my skin
when i stay in bed all day 
imagining you are here with me
does it start right then, in a dream,
in  a shadow, somewhere in 
a dark corner of my mind?

and where does it end?

In heartbroken nights waiting for the dawn
when shadows and ghosts mock me 
and i drown in a dark pool of tears
half drunk because its the only way to deal with it
and i want to cut out that cursed thing 
that it is called a Heart
and throw it away
and having another drink
wishing that it could erase from my mind
that night when you said you dont love me,
because you could have loved me 
but you never did, 
so every morning i won't have to remember
that I,love you,
and again 
and again?....

Does it end there? 

Does love ever ends?...

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  1. ah - felt emotions in this...painful... my fav part was...looking at the faces of people
    who walk holding hands,
    and love each other
    ~ or at least they think they do... sounds a bit like bukowski... and i think real love never ends...

  2. Exactly so, Claudia. This came to me as i was fighting with my own emotions on love...and i agree with you, that real love never ends no matter what :) thank you for this :)

  3. I wonder the same thing at times, sometimes taking the scientific approach, sometimes the poetic reproach. My favorite part was also "black birds fly over my white paper" and the lines right after it.

  4. We all wonder where love starts and ends, its inevitable to ask. But deep inside us we always want to believe that it never ends :) thank you, my dear Frank :)

  5. ouch...this ends in a rather painful place...love in the moment is wonderful and when it is not its like crossing the desert barefoot....does love ever end...i dunno, the heart is a tricky thing....and confusing at times as well...the night they said they didnt love you...ack...pain

  6. Yes, love is like crossing the desert barefoot, like you said :) and inspite the pain love gives us, we refuse to let it end...thank you for the comment, Brian :)

  7. nothing brings us as much pain joy heartbreak happiness as love. and these are the questions we all spend our lives trying to answer, i think. heartfelt and filled with truth.

  8. Well this was an emotional roller coaster ~ Nice write here ~

    A pleasure to meet you in the pub ~

  9. A beutiful heartfelt write, full of emotion. Well done!

  10. You ask the universal questions, always asked about love...part of its wonder and mystery is that there are no answers...We hear the trumpet..and we answer...and take the pain that sometimes comes with love. Nevertheless, a beautiful and heartfelt statement here! ~jackie~ 1emeraldcity

  11. this nearly feels scientific in its examination of the source of love. quite enjoyable to read.