Saturday, January 26, 2013

On the shore

found at Gothic Art

On the shore of the River of Life
I stop to drink and wash away my sorrow

My face mirrored on the water
It breaks in one thousand pieces
I let my reflection drift away
As if I never breathed upon this earth
I wandered like a ghost in the wild
But now i sit here
Waiting for the storm that crawls over the mountains
My longing for love, one dark cloud 
That comes to swallow me whole
Am not afraid of the thunder and the lightning
What harm can they do 
To someone who doesn't care anymore
To live another day 
Without the warmth of another body close, 
Without the sound of a beloved voice in the night?...
My fate slowly melts as the light fades away

On the shore of the River of Life
I stop.

My journey ends here...

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