Saturday, February 23, 2013

Say my name

rain lovers man woman oil painting  in  « Mayhem & Muse
Say my name
let it bleed your lips
with every move inside me
say it

say my name
loud in anger
soft in pain
daemonic in ecstasy
let every word claim my skin
let every word penetrate your heart
the sound of your breath
when you need me so much
the truth shines
for a bitter moment
the truth shines
and you know
I am the One
and your eyes
betray your heart's desire
exchanging my light for your darkness

scream my name
utter it like a prayer
scream it like a curse
when you flow in waves
like the mighty ocean
through my blood...

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  1. This is strong poetry. Could I say paint with words?

  2. whew....really strong tides in the ocean of your words....there is def something about the name...and dang...and intensity to your passion...smiles...

  3. Strong and intense work - 'you flow in waves
    like the mighty ocean through my blood...' Just about perfect!

  4. I love the sense of mystery just below this sultry surface.... This has its own life breath.

  5. Love is always a strong feeling. Thank you all for your kind comments :)

  6. lucid passion , Chris

  7. Thank you, lucichili :)
    Thank you, Chris :) am glad you liked my words :)