Thursday, February 7, 2013

Memory tree

Morning enters  from every pore of my skin
My heart is warm again
The sun still hesitates to caress my eyes
Out of a dream
hanging from the ceiling
a tree of memories
faces and laughs
smiles and tears
i look at it motionless
fear is not in my heart anymore

This morning
an old voice echoed in my ears
telling me to wake up for school
telling me to wake up for church
a mother's touch and a father's kiss in my forehead
twisting in bed with fever nightmares
the face of a brown-haired girl with shiny freckles
friends and summer days by the sea
a seashell in my palm
trying to hear the mermaid song
The memory tree changes shape
fear is not in my heart anymore
First kiss on my lips, 
lovers long gone and forgotten
crazy craving of the flesh 
nights under the stars singing my love
tears and deceit, pain of a broken dream

One moment enclosed in frozen time
and You, at the top of that magic tree
kind and gentle, 
simple in your soul beauty
you smile at me 
breaking my charcoal darkness into one thousand pieces
i become thin like a spider's web
Morning paints my half asleep heart
in rainbow colors of joy
i finally welcome the sun
i finally welcome you
beside me. 


  1. cool on using the tree as the image that holds it all together and grows and develops with him waiting on top as well..lovely images...esp. liked the mermaid part (of course) smiles

  2. thought of a memory tree and those that live within it....the gentle wakings int he morning...i had those as well...and do the same with my boys....i've become thin as a spiders web is an evocative line as well...

  3. Lovely poem, liked the mix of memories and the present, and the seashore imagery

  4. Thank you Claudia! :) the idea came to me one night after a weird dream i had, but it worked finein the poem :) I love mermaids too :)

  5. Lovely words of growth and the maturity and happiness we find when we discover love...

    Anna :o]

  6. If your dreams turn into this kind of poetry, you need to dream more ;-)
    The memory tree is a great perspective to look back from.

  7. A beautiful piece of writing, with a nice blend of memory and the present day. The mermaid stood out for me because I recently proofread a mermaid story for a budding author - who now has a publisher :-)

  8. I also llike the tree imagery and the lovely images you chose.

  9. thank you HyperCRYPTICal :) we all grow into love:) and when we finally find it, questions start to get answers :)

  10. tino 11, thank you for the kind comment :) i do dream a lot, in a world that regards dreamers as fools :)

  11. rumoursofrhyme :) every one has mermaid memories :) we all have listened to hear their song :)

  12. Very nice to picture the memory as a tree. It works really well going from a roots. Thank you.

  13. Thank you, Bjorn :) memories have deep roots in our souls, the idea of a memory tree came to me naturaly :)

  14. A memory tree complete with mermaid - lovely images and a wonderful poem, entirely enjoyable

  15. Lovely evocative work Yiota, skilfully rendered. I will be back to read some more of your work.

    Regards Scott

  16. that first line is absolutely wonderful, resonates with me today. :)