Sunday, March 11, 2018

Comme un marin

William Henry Margetson, The seashore (1900)

*"Une femme connait le visage de l'homme qu'elle aime,
 comme un marin connait la mer" *
                                                                                              Honore De Balzac

Gently as the evening wind blows
over the waves sadly plays like a dolphin

my longing for you

   The trembling  sun dies shattered in fiery fragments

With my fingers, glowing,

I set the passing clouds on fire

       painting my yearning across the melting sand

How many times have I called your name 

and still it flies back to me sang by a siren

sleeping inside a  fairy tale…

I must be mad…

But is not Love the ultimate madness?...

The day dies like a black swan into the arms of Oceanus,

and distant stars shyly shine above me
If i was under another sky 
like when i was a child
i would count them one by one singing a fair well to summer...
and yet, here, 
my mind is only full of you... 

Suddenly your face ignites into my soul
Ripples and blue eyes and shiny lips 

harmonic cosmic symphonies
I dive into your smile, wild and unstoppable,
melting like sea foam around your body
tasting salty lips and skin that is the twin of my own
as we vibrate tuned to an ancient rhythm...

Oh…how the heart knows what hunger for the beloved is…


 inside this terrifying silence 
I conjure away the inevitable fading of your memory

With seashells and moving sand dunes
that have the shape of your face

sleeping beside me at 4am in the morning…

        "...A woman knows the face of her lover like the sailor knows the sea..."*

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