Tuesday, July 18, 2017


photo at  http://goo.gl/Qi9WA

I can wrap you around my little finger 
Just like  
A silk red ribbon 
To remind me
How you make my blood flow faster inside my veins
I can pull your strings
I can watch you, distant,
As you undress your soul in front of me
When we are one and i paint my dark desire on your face 
With whispers and kisses and my dangerous loving
When your manly armor cracks and falls at my feet
That moment you are mortal and vulnerable, 
And i see your face so bright 
And then i love you
Only because i know i do not love you

I ignite my night with your touch 
As your velvet eyes travel over my trembling flesh
You break me, you melt me, you swallow me
holding me, feeling my tide rising 
Yes,  I can pull your strings until you beg me  
To stop and start again

Ours is not a passion fit for hypocrites and cowards
We dare to dream the nightmares of the Heart
Risking our lives to the death
Beggars of Love
Jesters of the flesh
Eternally impenitent Sinners...

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