Friday, November 13, 2015

And now in Autumn as I wait

Lionello Balestrieri, The Kiss

And now, in Autumn, as I wait
for winter's hard and long cold days
my mind with your reflection plays
this evening late

The room in shadows, walls in grey
All colours blend in one blur knot
A vision painted with your thought,
flies by, astray

Some call it longing, or desire,
a madness send from gods above 
asking my heart, I name it love
a shiny fire

Thin purple leaves caress the moon
I smile to chase the clouds away
dreaming you will  beside me lay
loving me soon


  1. A delightful read. How autumn wears melancholy and longing.

  2. Thank you, Martin, for your kind words. The waiting for the arrival of a loved one is always a little melancholy and the feeling of longing was the key that i tuned the poem on.I am glad you liked it and thanks again for your comment :)