Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soliloquy under the stars


swimming into a river of words
the moon slowly slips from the sky
and ejects my longing
straight into this mercurial night

It is not the stars nor the moon
that hold my thoughts captive
nor the galaxy that flows silent
filling my heart with a soft sweetness
distant and pale
like your arms around me when you sleep

You wonder if i love you 
you could just ask me  - when the stars were born?
the echo in my eyes would be the right answer

It is not the stars, my love
it is not the agony of being human
nor the pain of not being just the morning dew
nor the question what is the color of my heart

It is only me feeling small
almost transparent like a nocturnal crystal butterfly
fluttering inside your dreams
breathing in a distant constellation 

You wonder if I love you
I melt across the  horizon
giving you the answer

It is only me, 
feeling small...  

We all become small under the stars

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