Monday, July 28, 2014

Anatomy of your kiss

The Kiss no 2, art by Elian, ©Elian, all rights reserved

a rosy sea shell
 - your lips
I live for that moment when you half open them 
to whisper to my ear
in waves of sweetness
 all the things
you wish to mark on my body
My eyes following their every move
my mind travels in all dimentions
in feathered craze...

There...when you say my name, this soft flesh that palpitates 
makes me hungry to taste your abyss
no matter how deep your ocean 
no matter how dark your dreams

How you tease my impatience
amused by my stillness 
and the waiting
feeling my thirst
You smile as I expand like a desert
moving by the winds of your heart
offering my open soul
welcoming you like the blessed rain
there is this line
guarding the borders of my heart
the cupid's bow
like an arrowed path between high hills 
hanging above my shore
as you come closer
i surrender closing my eyes
holding my breath
the feel of your delicious mouth
that speaks and performs wonders
the shivering
as your honey drips down on me softly
from my shoulders
to my back
curling between my thighs
your long deep kiss
makes my ears echoing 
with mermaid songs
raising me higher and higher
and my heart sails
into the blue of your eyes
that uncharted land called 

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