Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Heart yearns for Love


The Heart yearns for Love
and the moment of the burning
behind the eye of God

I was born with that truth
planted inside my breasts
under a sympathetic star
that leaned over me gently
across the interplanetary distance
Then Time made it bloom
like a rose tree in an everlasting Spring
and I became Love
and I became Magic

You don't need to do anything more
than to catch me
or break me in two
and keep the part that writes your name
in golden stardust  and  teardrops

I give shape to your Night
with the warm glow of my of lips
writing  a spell across your yearning flesh
singing in an ancient rhythm 
Gently I sacrifice a part of my darkness
to give you the light of my desire
that magic moment
when i enter your dream
a chrysalis  inside a rose caught into a spider's web
 the sacred moment 
when you open your eyes
when the sound of our blood 
that swirls and swirls as the hearts unite
falls gently until my heartbeat 
is only yours
making the silence so full of stars  
when you spell word by word over my lips
the meaning of this world...

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