Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mira Gestorum*

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My  music drips  from the corners of your smile
 over my restless mind tonight
My winged verses
ascend towards the setting light
as it grows misty and dim
before it turns into a night
falling soft and cold over your  thought

Oh... the wonders of thy deeds...
The ways you love me 
the journey inside my flesh
the end of your journey, me...

My heart
- naked under your inquisitive eyes  -
decorated with ornaments of silver and gold
ribbons of desire,
stars of wanting
My old mind of Sarah in labor-
I laughed when i thought "it can't be done!"
Now I feel the pain of birth
as every silent  verse comes to life
taking the first breath screaming your name
I open my mouth
and yet I cannot speak 
between us only the sweet silence after
thin like spider's web
a whisper caressing every pore of your skin 
in awe
in admiration, singing...

Thou art my miracle...

This music slides from the corners of your smile
Is it a symphony?
Is it a song?
my idolatrous obsession
a footstep paused between right and wrong
I paint  your face with my every word
i paint you with silk caresses over your body,
dandelions swirl in your every  kiss 
on your lips rests a constellation

And me
- the poor and once disappointed me -
Now  I open my lips
as they become full of spirit
Soon the night lowers her veils 
to bring me the passion
and the warm softness of you
and the cocoon of your arms
where I nest - humming
A hymn praising
the wonders of thy deeds...  

*Literally means "the wonder of thy deeds" and comes from the Hymnus in Ioannem,  verses in honour of John the Baptist written in Horatian  Sapphics by Paulus Diaconus, the eighth century Lombard historian. The first syllable of each hemistich (half line of verse) has given its name to a successive note.
The first stanza is: 
Ut queant laxis
 resonare fibris, 
Mira gestorum
 famuli tuorum,
 Solve polluti 
labii reatum,  
Sancte Iohannes.


  1. Now...this is really something else. You are already at a new level. Well done. :) From clouds of non-stop coughs, yours truly... :)

  2. for me this goes into two directions... the blessing of being wanted and the blessing of being able to give birth to things we didn't think we were able to do

  3. Yes, it is all a blessing both ways :) happy that you liked it :)

  4. nice...i like the use of the romantic language in this....being the destination or end point for them is nice too...smiles....there are nice touches too on spirituality and on intimacy....

  5. I really like how you used music .. music in a smile is a lovely image... and the romantic feel thought the poem... this is a great piece...