Friday, November 1, 2013

Disassembling Time

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The softness of your skin
always surprises me
At nights 
the air is shining, silver
a halo swirls softly around your body
as you become the Moon
inside my arms

What a strange notion is Time
Time before you
Time after you
and the in between emptiness
where I keep the secret pieces of me
safe from the rush of the years gone by
safe from the corrosion of memories
longing for your pain
to bind to my own 

I peel  off Time from its blooded shell
moment by moment
the Then and The Now
and the Hereafter
I count again and again
the missing parts 
How many autumns before we met
How many winters
white and long and cold
burying my heart swiftly under the snow
How many springs without you
and now many summers apart
How many nights when I, 
lost into another world
was waiting for you
it was always the longing that made my lips bitter
and the dreams of you paler and paler...  

Still, I keep taking off
another fragment
another memory
disassembling Time
until the only thing that is left
is the Now
That breaks  in two
I take the half part that I had lived before you
you take the half part that you have lived before me
when we put them together
we are born again
in a glorious new ray of light
trembling sweetly 
spinning the pendulum of our need
feeding our hunger
every day
and every night
when we make love
deciphering the palimpsest of stars

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  1. That is a really fine piece of poetry Yiota - your heart is in there.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. Yes, my heart is in there. My poetry always comes from the heart :)

  3. I love this "I take the half part that I had lived before you
    you take the half part that you have lived before me
    when we put them together
    we are born again" you are a fine poetess Yiota

  4. Like the part about taking each half life lived before you met, putting them together to make the whole. Never heard it put quite like that before. And the last line...cosmic.

  5. Oh this is so romantic and lovely.. so glad to see you here again at dVerse.. I think you were the fist poet I ever interacted with when I started to write on twitter.. Love the way you weave your words through your poem in a unique way..

  6. Thank you, Timoteo, for your kind words. I believe that Love unifies people, and makes them whole no matter what their past was. Am glad you liked my words :)

  7. My dear Bjorn, thank you for your comment, am glad to be back after a while. Thank you again for the kindness of your thoughts about my poetry. They are much appreciated :)

  8. Thank you Steve for liking my poetic efforts :) grateful :)

  9. nice... i like the idea of taking the half parts and forming one whole with it... the disassembling of time is a cool image as well...

  10. the making love as deciphering...and how the peeling off of time feels to me like popping petals off a flower, like he loves me or he loves me nots....quite vivid and very nice verse....great to see you again...smiles.

  11. Thank you Audrey, glad you liked it :)

  12. Thank you Claudia :) i try to use strong images as best as i can, glad you liked them

  13. Its good to be back, Brian, thank you for the kind comment :) the popping petals do seem like counting and disassembling time :) thanks for noticing it.

  14. Captivating and real…simply lovely...

  15. ah, palimpsest is such a lovely word, placed in such a lovely way in such a lovely poem.

  16. In love we indeed feel as reborn...lovely, Yiota...glad to see you, thanks for visiting my blog :)x