Friday, September 20, 2013

The right to remain silent

When evening embraces words in falling shadows
Where can my sorrow nest?

Liquid evening
Mercurial night
My purple solitude
Leading every thought out to the sea
between a string of sighs
and the almost white of the moon
I draw a name upon the sand
and it is not mine
nor yours
gently erased by the whispering waves

Where did Time go?
Dancing words
Flying words
You can fight your way out of my heart
in plain words
hanging from my lips like dying butterflies

Where can my sorrow nest?
Silence is a  refuge made of glass
One crystal world
Where words can be suspended for ever
In lines of forgiven kisses

I have the right to remain silent
for all eternity inside my heart
holding only your memory
like a damask sword between my lips

I have the right to remain silent
All that i am
soaked in sea water
silver and pure
As a distant star rises holding on to my heart
and the waves break the code of unspoken love

I have the right to remain silent
holding you tight into my palm
like a dream that sleeps tenderly for aeons
As i pray 
no fear
no agony
Just your touch traveling over my skin
and the moon sealing my lips
with your silver tears...

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