Monday, July 15, 2013

This Night...

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Let's whisper words of love
Lost in eachother's arms
This night is blessing us with stars and fireflies
My lips on your lips
Your hands holding me softly 
Breathing each other' s  longing 
We share the silence 
This night keeps us safe
enwrapped in a silver cocoon
 Hiding us away from the mad world...
The moon is rising gently
kissed by the sea
and Venus smiles
Compassionate for the impatient lovers...
 As we move
 with every breath
My heart is full of you 
Your heart is full of me 
the tide in our blood rises and falls 
 we float on cradling waves of hope
until the galaxy slowly 
starts to flow inside our veins
murmuring an ancient love song...

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