Sunday, June 30, 2013

Night of the falling stars...

fantasy black stars shine 31000 pictures, backgrounds and images
Night of the falling stars
And I'm sitting here alone
In blessed silence
Of all the why's and the how's and the why not's of my life
A night cloud passing by
Gives me no answer 
Could I have lived another life?
I don't know another way to be
I am made of love
I give myself 
Share it like the sacred body of a saint
Until all that is left is crumbles of soul and scars 
And yet I survive
My smile 
a bright meteoron over my pain
I am made of love
My sigh fills the air with longing
A star touches my eyelids 
The Big Dipper walks the sky
Poisoned by Scorpio's sting 
Slowly, time dissolves 
I'm standing on the edge of a dream 
Forgotten here, breathing in this starry night
Forgotten, ancient 

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