Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Wish I Was Rain...

Daffy's Concubine • Photographer - Oleg Kosirev
I wish I was rain,
to fall softly over you,
to touch your head,
then dripping to your ears
slowly coming down your eyelids
and your nose
to rest upon your lips, my treasure,
kissing you a thousand times…

Then flowing down your pale throat
engulfing that beauty mark at the base of it,
leaving a rainy sigh on your left shoulder,
take my moist way down to your chest
and form a small lake in the temple of your heart…

My rainy journey, afterwards,
 to follow the curve of your belly
And with my liquid fingers
to embrace your soft being,
 making you
feel small waterfalls rushing down your spine,
and your heart rejoice and shudder with pleasure…

And then to your legs, my love, like alabaster pillars,
and further down still
until me, like rain,
leave a soft worshipping kiss on your toes, my King,
enslaved by your beauty
to your soul forever…

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