Thursday, April 4, 2013

Deep sea

The Spirituality of Love: Soul Mate or Twin Flame - National Spirituality |

What is this thing, this deep sea of dreams , that I am floating in?
How did I come here? My memories said “good bye” and left from the back door waving…I couldn’t stop them, you know it.
How is it that my blood rushes through my veins singing your name in glorious yearning?
Why is my body waking up with this pain, this madness that makes it feel empty without your perfect fitting inside me?
And my heart? A city conquered, surrendered, owned by the force of your Love…
When did all this started? I feel it’s been centuries compressed in this one shining moment, when we ignited into each other’s eyes…
What is this thing, this deep sea of dreams, that we are floating in? ...