Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Lady of the Moor

Zombie Ghost by KryseisRetouche | Shadowness

Under the sickened starving moon
at nights when shadows start to rise
she may come knocking on your door ~
The Lady of the Moor

her milky flesh dissolves in dust
and in her eyes no spirit lives
she haunts the land in hatred pure ~
The Lady of the Moor

a name, in lament, bleeds her lips
in hissing breath a question lays
like waves upon the Devil’s shore ~
The Lady of the Moor

she cries the one who left her long
and vanished, cruel, into the dark
leaving her heart dead to the core ~
The Lady of the Moor

hungry to taste her sweet revenge
a desperate ghost’s unquenched desire
beware, in mists she comes for more
The Lady of the Moor… 

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