Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Curse - "a writing exercise"...

wallpaper found at

"...She stepped back and froze there as if she had been turned into stone. The truth of that piece of paper that was still hanging between her trembling fingers hit her like waking up from a terrible dream. Nightmares do come alive, then, she thought. A smile was born, like un unwanted child, over her lips. Her face was now all one dark mask of terror. And suddenly, her fear exploded. The Fear. Raw and heartbreaking, the Curse that weighted over her existence since the day she was born, took flesh and bones  on that old yellow parchment that hold the secret of her unfortunate life... Years and years of loss and rejection, deaths, separations and wrong people beside her, suddenly were shining inside her head, one long line of bright moments of suffering and painful questions without answers... Then, a bell from a near by church striked the Vespers, tearing the gray veil of her silence into pieces...her nails were piercing her palm  and she welcomed pain, feeling the unbearable need to scream.  She screamed and screamed and screamed until there was no voice left to come out of her throat.  She gasped for air falling to her knees, she curled like a dying animal on the ground and  surrendered, at last, to her ancient grief... "

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