Monday, September 30, 2013

The moment

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Imagine the moment
Stripped from every meaning and thought
Almost pure like a ray of light
caught between the shiny eyelids of a lover
and the empty hands of a believer

Imagine our souls
As they meet
When we meet for the first time
A dim flickering
An empty space between two particles of dust  drawn to each other
with a force - unstoppable
that no one knows where it comes from 
or where does it go...

Imagine the moment
When we kiss for the first time
The moment when something inside me shivers at the thought of your fingers
letting your landmark on my ancient skin
across a continent of palpitating flesh

The moment when a kiss a touch a breath are no longer the definition of our we
But something more than that
Something beyond words engulfing me and you
A secret and a truth
the deep cut close to the heart
where our lips taste the storm
that starts to swirl inside us
The silence
The pause before our dreams start to take 
the shape of one beloved shadow

No words, then...

So no moons and stars
No flowery vowels caressing your ears
No colors
No shadows no sounds
Not a single expression of love
The moment
When you burn inside me
Making this painful frozen world

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