Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I tried...

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I tried so hard to let love go
I thought I was succeeding 
The moment I renounced your dream 
My fool heart started bleeding 

I tried to hate your selfish smile 
To break you into pieces 
But when the night comes dark and cold 
I'm hungry for your kisses 

I curse my mind for playing games 
Of deep, untold desire 
The heat of your lovemaking burns 
Like Hell's undying fire 

And when my lips in devil's vows 
Whisper your name in anger 
My traitor flesh melts for your touch 
In blood's most shameful hunger 

I tried and tried but all in vain 
You haunt my sorrow, ghost! 
My wretched soul will mourn in pain 
The one I loved the most...

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  1. Strong emotion, and well written Yiota. I like this.