Monday, January 14, 2013

Bargaining with the Devil

Beauty & Devil by Boris Vallejo @
Am bargaining with you, Devil, 
am bargaining with you
I only have my half-eaten soul
to lay upon the table

Am bargaining with you, Devil,
am bargaining with you
My wish must be so easy
i know you are able

Am asking for some Love, Devil, 
Am asking for some Love
So hard to stand alive now
So hard to stand tall

I tried so many times, Devil, 
I tried so many times
But God almighty must have wanted 
To take from me all

I see your blood red eyes, Devil, 
I see your blood red eyes
I know my sin will sell me out
Before this very night dies

But before i follow you, Devil 
into the pits of Hell
I just want some Love, Devil, 
And you can do it well

Am bargaining with you, Devil,
And hell well i know
For one day in loving arms
I'll melt like black snow

I can't find a cure, Devil
I can't find a cure
So take from me what now is left
to be good and pure

And give my heart one moment's ease
With this broken dream
Am bargaining with my soul, Devil, 
You'll not hear me scream

And when this game is over, Devil, 
And all said and done,
I'll follow you down that flaming path
With love's mark undone... 

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  1. oh my...bargaining with the devil is a dangerous thing.. there's this story of the boy who sold his smile to the devil you know...he's not really good at making love...just faking..tightly penned verse...

  2. :) thank you for the comment, Claudia :) Yes, bargaining with the Devil is dangerous, :) We do all sorts of daring things for Love :)

  3. oy the repetition in this really works to build it...and when god removes all else where do you turn..its a dangerous game for sure....

  4. Would one bargain with the devil in exchange for the person he or she loves,, when all else fails?... That is the question :)

  5. I don't know, Laurie :) maybe I would go the other way or all the way just to be with one I love, who knows... :)

  6. The form works so well, this reads like a song. The things we do for love, can seem so right at the time, so wrong a little further down the road. Great questions you raise with this one.

  7. The Devil bargains in mysterious ways... the repetition works well, reinforcing it in a musical way... just make sure you really get what you want if you sell your soul ;-)

  8. Amazing piece you have written here. So nice to find you here as well... :-)

  9. Thank you, mrs Mediocrity for your kind comment, am glad you noticed that my poem is actually a song :) The things we do for love, indeed... its a question that keeps coming and going in my mind again and again :) x

  10. Thank you , my dear Bjorn, am glad you like the poem, am happy that you have found me here too :) i hope you enjoy my blog :) xxx