Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter moon

winter moon
as i lay beside you
with my eyes open
am not asleep, just laying there
breathing in
breathing out
as the stars pass outside the window
flowing towards all directions...
the cold night covers me
i hear you sighing in your sleep
my hand rests on your thigh
my beloved place
like a mountain,
a sea
an island where once we sat under the sun
drinking and tasting the air
in another dream
maybe in another life
my fingers caress you
the night rushes inside the room
i lay motionless
my eyes on you
as you move closer
the heat of your body mingles
with the purple longing of the night
and suddenly i want you
with an unbearable hunger
you, my lover,
you, beside me on the bed
 - i then remember, years ago,
when i was 8
one  night i stayed awake looking at the moon
measuring its whispers with my heartbeat,
when no one else could.... -

My fingers play with the shadows 
i open my mouth to call your name
so close
am warm and ready
i touch you
you smile knowing
you always know
how restless i become
under the winter moon....

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