Monday, November 8, 2010


IT, is everywhere, like the sky above 
I breath it, eat it, I grow under it 
I cannot escape it any more… 
A face, like a mirage in the desert, 
in every corner, upon everything, 
a soft voice drips to my soul every night 
a monotonous painful memory 

I cannot escape it 
I ask my heart “Do I want to?” 
She answers “Can you?” 
I ask “How can I?” 
She answers “You can’t…” 
I say “I am trying…” 
She says “You are loosing…” 
I cry “The pain has got me…” 
She comforts “Live with it…” 
Baptized in silence 
Anointed with suffering 
Purified in fires 
of a soul 
under siege … 

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