Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The sinner saint

Thomas Cooper Gotch (1854-1931) Monseigneur Love 
I am a pilgrim of your heart
pining  pilgrim of your pain
You have curved your story on my body
the way you walked the tortured path 
of Hell on this earth
through fire and tears
and your repented soul

all your forgivven sins written across your skin in blood
when i hold you
I read your scars in the dark
one by one 
touching softly with my fingers
so I dont hurt you
like a palimpsest
wrapped in spider's web and mist
a map of lost Innocence
with mountains of Sorrow
and valleys of Deliverance

Oh my sinner saint
forgive me
for I have loved you so much
throw me into the dark water of your soul
when the Angel strikes
for I have no one else to heal me
burn me like incense
melt me like ice
inside your holy flames

Here I am, wearing only the sad dress of my Soul
heavy from all these years of wandering
in the desert of a forsaken life
I come to you 
I kiss your wounds 
inflicted from the bitter arrows of this world
always open
tasting your sacrificed blood on my lips

Oh...wash away my guilts and my crimes

in the name of your Love


  1. wow evocative verse...You have curved your story on my body
    the way you walked the tortured path...excellent...the reading of the scars in the intimate...the kissing of the wounds from the much heart in this...

  2. Thank you, Brian :) This is a very special poem for me. I believe that we find salvation through the people we love. Am glad you liked my poor tortured verses :)

  3. I read your scars in the dark...the kissing of the wounds..dang..def. a highly emotional and very felt verse..

  4. Thank you Claudia :) This poem was flowing into me for a long time...Finally i dared to deal with it and take it out of my head...It was a very intense moment fot me indeed :)

  5. Strong, inflictive imagery... authentic in its cries