Friday, December 28, 2012

The 13th Moon...

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Slowly it starts 
the first shadows run 
to chase away the last ray of light
I swim into a lake of silence
I dont want to talk
I feel it coming
I feel it getting closer
cold and heartless, the 13th moon

people around me notice that I become restless
but they try to ignore a chill down their spine
the annoying feeling that they get 
when i look into their eyes
smelling their fear

I feel it coming, the 13th moon...
I turn my eyes up towards the night sky
when it starts rising behind the mountain
sliding over the black veil of the dark
I stand between heaven and earth
suspended between good and evil
a beast waiting for the hunt
and the joy of the blood flowing 
in silver waves

My mouth has the taste of iron
my tongue a sword
a heart beat hesitates inside my chest
I breathe 
like i am fighting to stay alive in this world 
while waiting for the other
my mind falls into the Black of your Abyss

It holds me in its spell, the 13th moon
tormented flesh seaks freedom in the Wild
divided in two, my other self runs
screaming out your name
no more me
but another
under the 13th moon....

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  1. like i am fighting to stay aline in this world waiting for another....nice...really like those lines as i think that is how i find myself in life....really a very cool out for that 13 smiles...

  2. My mouth has the taste of iron...there's such underlying danger in this that it made me shiver, mostly cause it runs under the "normal" carpet...well spun..

  3. Thank you, Brian :) Sometimes staying alive in this mad world is really difficult :) am glad you liked that verse :)

  4. Thank you, Claudia :) you got it right, there... Yes, it runs under the "normal" carpet indeed... One can be transformed under the moon :)

  5. Very cool. Love the perspective you chose.
    -Dark Angel