Friday, December 21, 2012

In flames

Love making -Romantic Love Pictures

Your mouth
full of strawberries
you hold my face inside your palms
your fingers form gently
hearts upon my cheeks
around my lips
i shiver inside
i wonder
how you know
to cast away my shadows
so sweet
so warm
we melt
in each other's arms
you cover me with clouds
incense burning
you entering my kingdom
make my every sigh
a song,
our flesh
our minds
our souls fly,
my love,
i become clay
in your hands
the iris in your eyes
the breath on your lips
as we float
you silence my cries
you drink my tears
you hold me
I am
your laughter
your desire
you let me touch your chest
so i can lay there silent, listening
to your palpitating heart
that slowly burns
  in flames...

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