Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fragment from an Angel Story

Found On http://omertohka.deviantart.com/art/Fallen-Angel-113318022 photo found at : we heart it http://goo.gl/RU4V

 - ..."I raise my eyes and look around
divine assembly in holy ground
My fellow angels, pray you, hear
before you send me out of here
i know my crime, am here  to tell
and take me straight to flames of Hell
where Devils will devour my soul
forever with their fiery coal

inspite of Heaven's law above
i broke my vows and fell in love
the mortal that i was to guard
enslaved my light and stole my heart

I've watched him come into this world
a fragile flesh with crime so old
already written on his face~~
men always were a sinful race

i've cried so many times unseen
when he was running into sin
with love i always did protect
this child of pain, his intellect
his soul was wandering here and there
most time in darknes, seldom fair
inspite of all his troubled swings
i covered him with loving wings

My time is running out, i see
that broken hourglass counts its fee
and now my God, last chance you say,
to let this mortal run his way
on to his fate that has been sealed
in deeds his destiny revealed

My angel heart stands cut in two
between my God and that man who
made me with all his fragile heart
to sacrifice my holy part..
give me one day of life with him
and take away tomorrow
and i will gladly face all Hell
the eternity of Sorrow"

 - "...The clock strikes Midnight,
It is time,
give up the man, repent your crime
and take again immortal place
into our God's eternal grace..."

The sound of cracking wings was cold
her silver blood, her pain untold
but oh, the smile upon her face
lighted all heaven's holy place
she smiled so peaceful, nothing said,
inside her heart the choice was made
bleeding she walked from heaven's door
never to come back there, no more...

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