Saturday, November 17, 2012

Leave me a place underground, by Pablo Neruda

gothic wallpaper at Gothic Backgrounds: Scary Gothic Wallpapers

Leave me a place underground, a labyrinth,
where I can go, when I wish to turn,
without eyes, without touch,
in the void, to dumb stone,
or the finger of shadow.

I know that you cannot, no one, no thing
can deliver up that place, or that path,
but what can I do with my pitiful passions,
if they are no use, on the surface
of everyday life,
if I cannot look to survive,
except by dying, going beyond, entering
into the state, metallic and slumbering,
of primeval flame?


  1. Yes, for me Neruda is a great poet and great teacher of words. A copy of his poems is always next to me :)