Friday, November 23, 2012

A horror sweet


I scream your name  in ecstasy
unicorns run over my skin
you are a fairytale of sin
a horror sweet, my fantasy

Your eyes shine through in mystic glow
I long to taste your pale blue veins
A hunger deep in me remains
As flames of hell inside me grow

Oh I am cursed and surely doomed
To burn eternally in lust
Until my bones will fade to dust
By your fierce passion all consumed

You'll be the death of me, I know
My end in you is close,  and yet,
The wildest joy I'll ever get
Your cold lips soft over my brow...

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  1. unicorns run over my skin
    you are a fairytale of sin...oh wow....some heat and magic in your verse tonight...smiles....the wildest joy you will ever know...well then...smiles.

  2. :) I must admit i had some great visions that inspired me to write this one :)

  3. Compelling language and images - build quite a sensual piece. Muy caliente!

  4. Never thought of unicorn inspiring lust, but it works here...a rousing and arousing tribute to lust!

  5. Thank you, yes, unicorns can create these feelings, out of pure love :) Am glad you liked the poem :)

  6. love the unicorns and the magic in this...there's something terribly seductive in men that seem to be a little dangerous...right...? smiles