Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Stitching a heart

First you take a sharp needle made of memories
you must be careful so it has a point cutting both ways
for all the good moments that couldn't have lasted
for all your mistakes, or others's
strong threads of regrets
you will need a lot of those
in different sizes, all kinds of sizes
short , long, too short, too long
depending on your failures and the falls they followed

then you must break the armor around your heart
that shiny one, heavy with fears, and shattered hopes
that armor you have chosen years ago
after that, your heart stands naked
full of wounds, others light like purple bruises
others deep, still bleeding,
as if they almost have costed your life, 
no anaesthetic, no painkiller
this work has to be done, soldier
the war is not over

You start from the deepest 
the one close to the centre
the one that bears marks of love, 
pain and desperation

you start the stitching
clumsy and inadequate
clearly not a work of art, 
but this is a time of war, 
and war doesn't wait for artistry

You stitch faster, this wound must close
no time to waste in silly stupid reveries
this is a time of war
soon you will have to face another blow
who knows how deep it will be

So, you go on stitching
After a while, you no longer feel the pain 
you no longer bleed that much
from the needle to the hole of your heart
pulling the thread , closing the gap
No time to feel anymore

It Is Accomplished... 

submitted to @dVersePoets Open Link Night~67


  1. fug...this is like the anatomy of a heartbreak...brutal in its reality...the lines that really jumped out at me were...

    this is a time of war
    soon you will have to face another blow
    who knows how deep it will be


  2. Yes. Love is the noblest war. You never know if you are going to win or lose, but you have to go on fighting for it, all kinds of battles. Till the end.

  3. i like the concept of stitching up the heart as the war continues... truly stunning poem, Yiota!
    it's nice to see you!


  4. Thank you for your kind comment, dani :)