Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lost in your eyes

"Oh, Eros, the conqueror in every fight,
Eros, who squanders all men’s wealth,
who sleeps at night on girls’ soft cheeks,
and roams across the ocean seas
and through the shepherd’s hut—
no immortal god escapes from you,
nor any man, who lives but for a day.
And the one whom you possess goes mad...."
                                 Antigone, by Sophocles

I get lost in your eyes
I fall into an endless vertigo
You know i want you
You know my heart sings when you are near
Slowly at first
Just a whisper
Like the first drops of autumn rain
Then louder 
A  love song screaming in silence

I get lost in your eyes
I dont know how deep
It goes, this longing
I beg for a piece of my reason back
I beg for an exclamation point
Behind your question mark
I am transparent 
Like april melting snow 
You break all my sanity
With one look

I want you to write your name on my skin
i want you to explore my lips with insane kisses
I want you to do to me things untold
I want to fracture time , to erase space
But am just a helpless leaf in the wind
When you sweep me off my feet
When you claim my life
When you have me at your mercy breathless
I jump into your abyss in Faith, praying...

     May God have mercy
      on my Heart... 


  1. the trust of the heart it can be a high fall into love even higher when falling out ... ;) beeutiful poetry always bx

  2. Yes, dear beez, the trust of the heart is what makes love being born. It makes it stronger, it makes it unique. I believe in that trust. I believe that when that trust exists, everything is possible for those who love trully, with all their strength. Thank you for the wonderful comment :) x

  3. haha yes you need a bit of mercy...because love will mess you up...smiles...the longing is palpable in fav lines...

    I beg for a piece of my reason back
    I beg for an exclamation point
    Behind your question mark

  4. i am glad you came to play....i def enjoyed your verse....just found your twitter feed too, so will promote your piece...

  5. Thank you Brian :) these are indeed some of my favorite lines too :) Love builds upon exclamation marks and question marks. Its an endless game, winning or losing. It's the first time i participate in dVerse Poets Pub :) I really enjoy it, thank you again for your kind comment

  6. Thank you again, Brian :) means a lot :)