Friday, September 21, 2012

I didn't know you before...

Pictures in the shadow of a man Wallpaper in

I didn't know you before you came into my life 
Entering from a  broken, frozen  time 
When my heart was standing open to Love
An empty  cup waiting to be filled

You came like a sunset
Slowly burning  in the evening
My first star appeared that night 
On your sky

You are made of wood 
Of stone and soft snow
You are made of Agony, of Fear
You are made of Tears and Pain
You are made from the same mould like me
Cracked, yet precious 
You are a leaf falling slowly
Swirling in the breeze
You are the first day of my winter
And the first morning of my spring

I didn't know you before
But maybe I have met you
Somewhere inside a hidden dream

My eyes rest gently upon your wounded soul
My ears echoing your voice
My hands longing to touch you
Right there, where your scars still hurt the most
I do want to be your breath
I do want to be your shadow
I know you will not let me be your light
I am too small
But you could hide me inside your palm
One moon beam that went astray
And fell at your feet one night
When you were crying alone
Praying to God

Am I the answer to your prayers?
Am I the answer?
Am I?

I didn't know you before
But now my existence becomes so transparent inside you

All that you are is a love song 
Am I the last note that is missing? 
                                                                          Am I? 

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  1. made of wood
    Of stone and soft snow...first day of winter..first morning of spring..also love the astray moonbeam falling at his images...

  2. i want to be your breathe be your shadow...what longing there is in those lines...also like the section claudia pointed out...all the elements you got in there....nice....

  3. Not made of sugar and spice and all things nice then...? Is anyone...?

  4. Beautiful :) Love the imagery