Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Paradox Inferno

Nude Light Painting | Light Painting by Patrick Rochon

consumed, burned to the bone, erased
i lose myself into the paradox inferno of your love
slowly, painfuly, in wanting craze
you mark your way upon the map of my hungry skin
i am your terra incognita
i am your lost destination
how you take my life sweetly
kissing licking biting my wounds
finding your way into my soul
finding your way into my shadowed heart
i close my eyes
drinking your essence
an elixir of lust
grows the fire within me
the flames of your wicked love
your lips know the way to melt my bones 
to liquify my wanting
your fingers make the stars ache with my desire
me, a fallen angel
i follow where you lead
i know i will be lost into the fiery rainbows in your eyes
but how can my heart now ever miss the cursed paradise?...

oh i am in hell
i am a happy sinner
i face my  destiny 
to burn, 
to burn eternally
into the paradox inferno
of your love....

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