Thursday, August 9, 2012

I want you

Passion I, at   DEOVEND

I want you to silence my lips
with violent kisses
i want you to touch my every scar with your tongue
like a pilgrim of my pain, ancient and wild
i want you to whisper to my ear a song
long and terrifying and beautiful
as my blood starts to flow in your rythm
a river of burning love

i want you to sign accros my skin
the shining truth of your wanting
my hands, my belly, my thighs be yours
to melt them into a mould of lust

i want your legs entwined with mine
like twin pilars of a secret temple
i want you to plant on my flesh
strawberries that explode when you move inside me
as you drink my sugared sweet sighs
oh i can die, then
baptized into your glorious passion

i want you to bite my exquisite abandon
as we fly high being almost transparent with light
that ultimate moment
i want you to drown me with your essence
only that i can drift, helpless, on your shore
and with a deep immaculate kiss
 live again....