Friday, July 13, 2012


Velvet rouge, painting by Kevin Zuckerman ©all rights reserved

holy corrosion of my memory
half erased dreams always smelling lavender
sleeping childhood years
when i was walking barefoot
beyond the cherry trees and the vineyards
and the sun conqueror inside my velvet heart
when i could love the whole world
how i missed my soul after
sinking into another life

oh blessed innocence, forever gone
days full of light and secret cricket songs
enclosed inside my palm a piece of white marble 
a shell thrown to the sea where it came from
and the blood inside my veins sweet as wine and honey
i could hear the whisper of my heart
but after, i missed my soul
sinking into another life

I fought with windmills and dragons...
and yet
one comfort remains, soothing, like  balm over my tired smile
the days of old summer
still living under my eyelids
hidden from the traitor Time...