Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Heart saw

Love, by Khalil Gibran
The first time i saw your face
coming to me, smiling
my soul was set free
and became light and soft
as if orange blossoms opened at once
and covered my hands and shoulders and bosom
like fragrant kisses -
your lips, your eyes
singing old love songs and melodies
with one look
your voice - the whisper of a breeze
i felt the echo of your blood
and the Heart saw that it was good

And then
your hand , trembling,
reaching for the first touch
my skin was ready since the dawn of time,
craving for the truth of your flesh
when our bodies reflected the stars,
and the Heart saw that it was good

We lost and found ourselves into this mad world
when the moon smiled upon us
and our shadows became one
you in me and me in you
i end where you begin
you begin where i end
between sighs and kisses
i know
for as long as this river
flows towards the ocean
the Heart will always see it is good

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  1. You write beautiful heartfelt Love poetry Yiota.