Thursday, February 16, 2012

I wish to tell you

There are so many things i wish to tell you
Moments when my heart seeks a way
to penetrate your shiny sphere
a globe where you sit in the middle
a queen bee in your hive


all the sounds lose their harshness when i hear you
complaining about almost everything
complaining about your life
and in the end, always,
about mine...
on and on 
starting slowly
like a stream
going faster and faster
thorns bloom from the corners of your smile. 
And then you stop. 
You had a tough life, you say
you are entitled to make me burn 
like a slowly dying ember

Then, comes the rain
washing away the tears i hold 
all this time inside me smiling, pretending i don't mind.
Your sea and the sea in me
become one
The tide rises and falls
and i am washed out upon your shore
a castaway
and you save me again.
Like Crusoe, 
i become Friday.
Stranded upon the island of your love,


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