Thursday, January 12, 2012

You will be forgotten

You will be forgotten
Long will be the cold winter mornings
when the icy mist descending from the mountains of my heart
will enwrap your memory
in a thin blue frost
Your smile will crack and faint slowly melting
by the welcoming rays of the sun
Time will not have you as his friend
For me, it will be easy
like wiping off the fresh snow
from a windowsill

Spring will come
and with the first timid blossom opening
i will breathe deeply inside my lungs
my new life without you
You will be forgotten
like a bad dream
like a bad taste
like a bad memory
I will welcome one true love
and i will hang it high in my sky
inside a wreath of poppies
while your last betraying kiss
will fall on the ground
dry and dead
turning into dust
under my feet.
Oh, you will be forgotten
like the flying of the birds
accross a cloud
Soon there will be nothing to remind me

You will be forgotten
with every summer wind
with every kiss of my caring lover
with every wave and every blue song of the sea
each day you will dissolve
each night no thoughts of you
invading my dreams

And in the Autumn
at last
walking back home one evening
holding my love gently, his hands around me
stepping on the purple leaves
of your unworthy self,
with a long deep kiss
i will smile,
happy that you have never lived....