Thursday, December 15, 2011

One more day

Without Hope, by Frida Kahlo

The smell of hospital
in her nostrils heavy,
always complaining about it
White upon white and more white
sheets, walls, nurses
she thinks she should have taken with her
pencils and brushes
she would paint blue skies 
and red tubes against green, 
reminding her poppies 
in that meadow 
back then when she was 18...
or a balcony
just like her own back home...
where was that, she can't remember
For a while, when the pain is gone, 
time smiles at her, another hour, day maybe
being thankful for it, being thankful for it...

all these tubes and machines
-can you please make that noise stop?- 
same request every day
-can you please make the pain stop?
Friends come and go, 
and she is there
trying to fool everyone
that she has yet
one more day to live... 

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