Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oleander Blues*

Edvard Munch, The Day After, 1895.

The night slowly crawls in dark serpantine mists
from my window i breathe the gray shadows
along with those happy couples 
passing by, kissing
It's late, their steps mingle in my mind, 
it could have been us
walking down that street, 
our hands entwinted like branches of magic trees
our lips lost in innumerable kisses
and between our eyes, blue songbirds flying... 

But I am just a shade of myself
Searching for the white oleander
to mix with my wine
so i can smile again, drunk
so i can forget again, bargaining
just for some moments of 
peaceful slumber 
until the next night
and the night after...

Your photo by the bed
your smile a nail in my heart
I'm searching for the root of white oleander
to mix with my wine
so i can chase away, screaming,
your face from my eyes,
so i can convince myself 
to wait for another day, dreaming ... 

* "...the root of onotheras (oleander) administered in wine makes the temper gentler and more cheerful. [...]
if this is dried, it gives off a fragrance like wine. And this does not seem surprising, since there is a sort of ' bouquet ' given off by a thing which has the peculiar quality of wine." 
(Enquiry into plants, IX. xvm. 2 -xix.)


  1. Such intensity in your words combined with expressive imagery. In "your smile a nail in my heart" the poem culminates for me.