Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Betrayed, by Lorenza Dona (c)
I sleep holding your pillow tight
the night arround me unfolds in thick waves of sorrow
I breath your lies, keeping them in the bed
where we became one then...
I can't forget and i can't remember
I keep my eyes closed because ghosts are coming 
and dreams freeze cutting my eyelids.
Your touch on my body still
scars bleeding memories, yet --
"i do love you" is still in my ears...
vows were for you just empty words
words words words...
Ghosts are coming. 
I thought you were telling the truth
I was. I was. I was.
Ghosts are coming
Your smile is piercing right through the walls
How easy it is to forget...
Judas preferred a kiss.
Now your eyes into mine
now your hands on my back
now you inside me
I wake up and its 2 am
I wake up and my body hurts
I need to sleep again
I need to sleep the whole day
because night haunts me 
like your last kiss
like your kiss, Judas... 

1 comment:

  1. A sad and heartfelt story, but beautifully written.