Saturday, October 22, 2011

O Re Piya - Oh beloved...

[O Re Piya] Oh beloved

Why does my weary soul want to fly?
Where did this courage come from?
O beloved (was it because of you?)

The wind teases and taunts me, oh, the cruel winds play havoc with me.
Even the raindrops won't fall here anymore (to ease the suffering)
It is as if the whole world is part of the conspiracy,
The whole universe (against me).
Still I hold on to hope, and kindle the ambers.

Oh beloved...

The glances are telling, the world knows.
The story of my heart, oh, the story of my heart.
Love prays, love wishes for a hurricane (to stir the life within).
A story of love, a feeling till now unknown to me slowly walks in.
The first tender promise you gave was to be forever as one.

Oh beloved...

Beneath my bare feet is a path of burning coal (of misfortune)
All my life I have lived a stranger among strangers (such loneliness)
Take me to your country (to the places you call home).
For this ignorant world wishes to be my enemy (I seek salvation in you)

Oh beloved... 


  1. Happy weekend Yiota,

    What a beautiful post this is...
    a tribute to love.

    hugs Sharon

  2. Thank you dear Sharon for your kind words. Unfortunately this song is a farewell to love. Love isnt always true. I found out this, the hard way...