Thursday, September 1, 2011


your immaculate conception
in the darkest part of me
Love Explosion - Abstract
© Copyright 2011 haya1812, All Rights Reserved.
one night 
swallowed me whole, Love

I gave birth to your storm
stars were hidden
winds embraced moaning
I was enclosed in a cocoon of sadness

your eyes, Love,  opened with my last tear
you were me
I was you
a new me
untold unknown unmeasured 
the pain of knowing who I really am
came swiftly cutting like a two - edged sword
I was divided in two
me and me
what should I be and what I am
me and you, Love, 
who is again another me
so alike
so different
finding your self hurts, said the echo in my heart
losing myself to you, Love, hurts too

I gave you birth, I nurtured you
holding a mirror I watched you grow into me
now is the time to harvest your fear, Love
now is the time to surrender completely

I bathe in your waters
I live to love, Love

I live in you

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