Friday, September 9, 2011

The End of Summer

Evening clouds roll by... Reminding me that this summer has come to its inevitable end. Sadness lingers over my every thought, sweet melancholy, sweet melancholy... Cicadas still sing, mesmerized, a hymn to their last days, making love under the glorious cruel sun. And then, they die. I swim into a sea of loneliness. My mind loses its way into other dimentions. Time is distorted between the past and the future. A loop of memories dances accros my heart, like freshly washed clothes set out to dry late in the afternoon. Life has the taste of figs melting slowly in my mouth. This day today, will never come back. Later this night, i will hear the crickets into the night. The moon will bend over the rose tree, silent, dripping nostalgia and and insatiable hunger for your arms around me. This summer is ending. Autumn is here...

End of Summer, Copyright 2010

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