Friday, July 22, 2011

Video haiku n. 37, from Pierre-Jean Moreau

"Walking the tracks, my thoughts go nowhere" 


  1. Hi dear HaIku lover :-), I'm Pierre-Jean.

    I just want to tell you two things :
    - I uploaded many of my "old" HD Vidéo-Haiku on my vimeo space : - I'm not a spam ;-)
    - Following the links with vimeo statistics, I would you to change the title : This Haïku was not made by Tom Clausen. I'm the director/editor/artist :-)

    My way of making Vidéo-Haikus is a meeting between a feeling, a moment I shot and a text I had read. This text is not the preliminary script of the video but the way I found to sometimes explain these feelings.
    This Tom Clausen short poem is the best short I've found about this Number 37.

  2. Dear Pierre-Jean :) I have changed the title to the right one, as you asked :) Love your video-haikus, and looking forward to see more from you :) Thank you for telling me so i can be respectful to you and your rights as director/editor/artist :) Yiota x.

  3. Thanks a lot :-)
    3 new timelapse ones should be on line very soon !