Saturday, July 16, 2011

Thinking afar in Moonlight - By Zhang Jiuling

A bright moon rising over the sea,
Shores apart, watching the same
Is someone dear to me.
I loath this endless night;
And could not sleep but think of thee.
In this full moon light,
Who cares for candlelight?
Stepping out I don my gown,
And feel dew on the ground.
I wish to offer you moonlight in a handful,
But, to my real shame, ‘tis impossible.
Retiring to my bed, it seems,
I might find happier days in dreams.


  1. When we love someone
    is does not matter how apart we are
    we all stare at the same full moon
    and sense their presence.

    beautiful poetry

  2. Being away from the one you love is like a wound that never heals...