Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Swimming into fires...

Swimming into fires
sweetly in drunken afternoons 
when you come behind me 
your arms swirling like cables around my breasts
electrified, sparkling
you want to get inside me quickly
you want to feel safe inside my flesh
like coming back to the womb
i feel you biting my neck, playing like a cat
purring small words with no meaning 
broken syllables between kisses, licks, 
my knees bend as i desire you in countless ways
you carry me to bed, 
your eyes glow 
your lips already telling me 
the things you will do to make me scream
I want you
you close my lips drinking my sighs 
when you finaly find your way deep into me
i think nothing, my eyes blur
i guide you to the end of your journey
feeling you
your thrusts, my thighs hungry for your deliverance
you drink me, taste me, eat me, 
a holy communion, a sacred union
i move to your rhythm
like the sea
like the ocean
and all the colors become a rainbow
as you arch over me telling me you love me
as i love you with my arms and legs and lips and eyes
i become you and you become me
and sounds and smells of love
make us smile in joy


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