Monday, July 4, 2011


 There is no special reason why people do tell lies to each other. A lie is the easy way for someone to have his own way of life without the need to give reasons to others. There are all sorts of lies, a huge variation, indeed: white ones, small ones, big ones, soft ones, hard ones, all of them, without any exception, have as their final target only ourselves. We lie to the people we love the most, because we think that they, because of their love to us, will believe our story more easily and more efficiently. We lie to others, in order that our ego becomes safe, unharmed, locked. We lie because we dont want anyone to take a look deep inside our souls. We lose the ones we love, the only people that care about us, even when they know that when we are saying our side of some fictional story, we are not telling the truth. But the irony of the matter is, that we don't want others to lie to us.

 How do you detect a liar? Straight from the heart, and straight from the start. Instinct tells you that the man or woman who says "I love you", very often, when the circumstances are fruitful , is telling you a lie. Because, by saying a lie, one can be sure that no one will bother him and ask for any details at the first place. A lie, is the easy way to have our peace of mind, to have our space secure, to taste things that we couldnt othersiwe if we have said the truth. Because truth, brings along with it something that is called responsibility of our feelings and actions.

 Every lie is beautiful. Is the truth that we want to live, but we cant. Is the man or woman we want to be with, but we cant. Is the life we want to live, but we never will. Every lie is a piece of the happiness we are craving for, but that is elusive and so far away from us. Every lie, is a kind of pain killer of the soul. You take it, and the pain seems to go away, at least for some time. And when the energy of the pill wears off, the pain is there again, stronger, deeper, tormenting and tearing as apart bit by bit, until we can't stand it any longer.

 There is no special reason why people do tell lies to each other. Some say it is in the human nature to lie and make excuses about almost everything that it is disturbing or ugly or just not so much fun to face it in the eye. Because truth hurts. Because truth doesn't set you free, after all...

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